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The new system of planting yam in a bag with kinghumus organic fertilizer to ensure a wonderful result during harvest is a new invention by kinghumus Nigeria
To achieve this, get a rice or cement bags and feel them with sand. Make a hole at the center of the bag and apply a mix kinghumus soil conditioner into the holes and leave them for three days to recondition the soil. After three days, then plant your seedling in the hole at the center of the bag then cover it with soil.
Then after germination, you mix another kinghumus and apply on them. Apply water 3 times a week and kinghumus once a for 4 months to keep it alive and with the help of kinghumus, it will be retaining water. Stake with stick at the right time and nurture it till the harvest period.
When is time to harvest, you use your kitchen knife and tear the sack bag and get your yam tubers out. In this way. the yam will grow as tall as that bag hence the growth has no bridge till it grows to the button of the bag.
This way, you save time, save money, save labor , achieve a wonderful harvest and with Kinghumus Fertilizer, you achieve a healthy food and good storage without decay as we go organic.

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Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has PhD in lying.

Former Niger Delta militant leader, Asari Dokubo, has said that the pit President Muhammadu Buhari dug for ex President Goodluck Jonathan he is the one falling in it.

Dokub also said that Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has PhD in lying.

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OVER 1500 QUALITY UGWU SEEDLINGS raised by Akintoye Victor

OVER 1500 QUALITY UGWU SEEDLINGS raised by Akintoye Victor.

Pumpkin leaf popularly known as ugwu has been known to be cultivated mostly in the West Africa Region and has been found to grow in the different region of Nigeria. The dark green vegetable which is usually harvested and cook alone with different spices or mixed with other soup such as ogbono, oha , egusi etc and can be eaten with diverse food such as Eba, Pounded yam, Fufu, Wheat, Rice and preferable food of choice. HEALTH BENEFIT OF UGWU

  • It supports good vision by supplying the body with Vitamin A.
  • Fast recovering from wound as it contain vitamin C.
  • It gives strong and healthy bone by providing the body with calcium
  • Source of blood tonic and cure for anemia by providing iron supplement to the body

PLANTING DONE BY AKINTOYE VICTOR According to Akintoye ‘Agriculture is my passion and calling which I started in 100 level and became very strong in 300 level. I just have the mindset that it is time to feed many nations’. Victor has long been involved in the planting of diverse ornamental plants seedlings such as bahunia monandra, bahunia purpurea, Terminalia merntali, dwarf pawpaw etc. He has successfully raised over 1500 seedlings of ugwu which he is currently selling and also supply fresh and quality ugwu from the farm. NEXT PHASE OF WORK His next phase of work is to raise large numbers of Grape seedlings. AKINTOYE’s CONTACT Do you love what he does or need his services? Are you interested in large scale farming but needs help? Call him on: +2348130238780